This post is a bit different from the last few. Its both personal and technical and also starts something i"ve wanted to learn for a while now.

Over the weekend my girl surprised me with an early birthday gift, How nice of her :) It was a Ibanez GSR200 bass Guitar. Its an entry level 4 string bass guitar, in black of course...

I did not want to use a bass amp I've got a very good sound card for my needs and a good set of speakers. I will be using this directly into my Edirol UA-25ex. Software wise will be using the following open source applications :-

Custom alsa config.

To allow two mono inputs and two mono outputs at 48hz and 24it. By default the Edirol sends both input1 and input2 as stereo I need this to be two mono channels. My asoundrc

Find our more at Alsa wiki


With Real-time support and low latency to allow me to send any input or output from any piece of software or hard to any other piece of software or hardware. Jack home page


A very nice GUI to control all aspects and set up of jack. qjackctl home page


As my multitrack recorder and editor. Ardour home page


As my Sequencer and software midi device. Rosegarden home page

Free Musical Instrument Tuner.

A software based tuner. FMIT home page

Here is a nice image of my new bass. You can also find more on my flicker <img class="aligncenter" title="GSR200" src="../images/posts/gsr200-whole.jpg?w=225"width="225" height="300" />