First make sure you have correctly set up DDNS in the name cheep console. You can test it with the following simple URL :

Where :- HOSTNAME = the host name of the machine eg DOMAINNAME = the domain name eg PASSWORD = the API password from namecheep, not your namecheep password IPADDRESS = IP address you want to send to namecheep

Once you get a success message back from browsing to that URL you are ready to configure the Cisco IOS.

You need two parts, one on the external interface and one to set up the DDNS provider.

First we set up the provider section : I use the IP address as I do not have DNS configured on the Cisco, I use an internal BIND server. Also note :


is a Cisco substition for the interface's IP. The "method" can be called anything you want. I want it to update every 15 minutes hence the interval command.

# conf t
ip ddns update method namecheap
 interval maximum 0 0 15 0

Second part is we add it to the external interface, in my case Dialer 0.

# conf t
ip ddns update namecheap

Exit from the config syntax. Turn on debugging :

# debug ip ddns update

Restart the physical interface that the Dialer is bound to. FastEthernet0 in my case. :

# clear pppoe int Fa0

Check the logs and see what happens, if you entered everything right it should be up and running. You can also check that IOS has parsed everything right by issuing this command :

# show ip ddns update method