I am very fond of doing my own electronics work. From repairing a device to making custom cables for my Audio kit. Its not always just about cost. Its very fun and satisfying. It also gives you the ability to make exactly what you need, not what some manufacture thinks you need.

Since my x3 has such a wonderful line out I have decided to make some adaptor cables for it. I will mostly need 3.5mm to 3.5mm male interconnect and a 3.5mm make to 2x male RCA.

For this I have used all connectors and cables from my local electronics market. The joys of living in Hong Kong :)

Now for some images...

Hear is the 3.5mm jacks I used 3.5mm jacks

I brought right angle and strait. The base of the x3 feels better with right angle.

Hear is the RCA jacks I used (I really should of cleaned them first..) RCA connectors

They look quite dirty in the above image but a simple wipe over with isopropanol alcohol makes them shine.

Hear is a shot of a soldered plug and the braided copper cable I used Soldered 3.5mm

You can see the braided copper cable I have uses in this image too.

Hear is what the above plug looks like when its done Done 3.5mm

Looks better when the plug case is on.

Hear is the mini 3.5mm to mini 3.5mm cable done 3.5mm 2 3.5mm

3.5mm to 3.55 male interconnect is done!

Finaly the 3.5mm to 2x rca 3.5mm 2 RCA

Lastly 3.55mm to 2x RCA.

If you want more information on how they build just drop me an email.