Moving on from the last post, it was time to check if my Yubikeys where detected by systemrescuecd. Sadly I soon found out that GNUPG is not compiled with pcsc support.
As expected the livecd also did not contain the yubikey-personalization tools that are needed to switch modes on the Yubikeys.
I could live without the yubikey-personalization tools but pcsc is required to write the subkeys to the Yubikey neo.

To resolve this I created my own systemrescuecd. I followed the personalizion guide to achieve this.

The following changes/additions where made :

  • GNUPG, recompiled with pcsc support
  • PCSC daemon installed
  • Yubikey personalization tools installed
  • Yubikey C Library/tools installed (libyubikey)

Thankfully systemrescuecd is quite easy to edit/add packages to, espicialy, if you know Gentoo.
You can download a copy of my modified image here.

Checksums :

  • md5sum : 61a826b7ef329e4182a8413ccb105f5f
  • sha256sum : a76b1e40f3c5e22530d41277c808f5c39ff318cfbb27c353e317e0498e4ffe13

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