This post will sum up two small but useful updates.

  1. I am in progress of writing a few ESP32 MicroPython modules for a range of devices.
  2. I am moving my code/repo's from GibHub to Gitlab.

Let me address each point in more detail below.

1 ESP32 / MicroPython

I am growing quite attached to the ESP32 and the MicroPython code base.
The ESP32's are dirt cheep and Python is way easier to write then Arduino code.
There is also a lot of library's / existing code around for Python.
However I have noticed that a lot of the sensor modules did not have code for MicroPython or maybe it was not up to standard.
This is why I have set up a repo and written a bit of code to support the following hardware :

  • DF-Robot bme630 sensor
  • DF-Robot Infrared Co2 Sensor
  • DF-Robot pm2.5 dust sensor
  • Waveshare e-ink 4.2" display
  • A simple Wifi wrapper library
  • More to come!

The code is well documented with docstrings and readme files.
If you feel something is not clear please let me know.
Most of the code is stable, but do expect occasional work / improvement's.

2 GitLab

..update(May 2018).. Moved back to Github.
Short list of why :

  • Gitlab made working with others harder.
  • Made it harder for people to find my code.
  • I can use CircleCI or another free service to test my code.
  • I never really made use of the extra feature set in gitlab.

You can now find me again on Github here

Oh wait, another pointless angry move to Gitlab...
Well sorta, but after using Gitlab for a while now I actually prefer it.
The inbuilt free CI/CD pipelines are handy, tested code is always going to be better.
The seamless integration makes this well worth it.
The free private repo's make my life way better.
I also like the way the site looks, more so then Github, but maybe that's a personal thing.
The way I can share code in many different ways is useful as well.

I will begin to move all of my code over from Gibhub to Gitlab .. at some point...
You can find me on GitLab here.