I wanted to re install Gentoo on my eeepc. It  currently has Gentoo on it but I don't like the way I set it up. Given the eeepc has no dvd rom I need a way to boot the install media. USB boot sick is easy.

Your going to need a USB stick and a Gentoo install release ISO. I use the minimal install. Nothing like the fun of a text based console install!

  1. emerge sys-boot/unetbootin

  2. Partition your USB stick to have one fat 32 partition (type c in fdisk)
  3. Format your sick to fat32 :
# mkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/sde1
  1. Launch the unetbootin app :
# /usr/bin/unetbootin
  1. Follow the prompts.

Note this will work with gentoo "2009" weeky reaslese.