Well after a few years oh my web console card in my HP J6750 running fine.  After the move to HK it stopped responding on its IP.

Ok years have passed  and I have no idea what the default IP was or even how to reset this thing back to factory defaults.

Do recall this is a factory install option only on the rp24xx series. So documentation is a little sparse. If your wondering how to power it see this post I wrote about how to power the card.

To reset the unit back to factory defaults do this :

  1. Press and hold Switch two (this is the switch closest to the serial port)
  2. Press and hold Switch one (this is the switch closest to the LAN port)
  3. Let go of Switch two, the lights should flash then let go out Switch one.

Default IP is always Browse to that IP address and you will be greeted with a setup page for the web console. After your done access the web console on your new IP.

I have a few pages on the web console you can download it hear.