Hears my new 42ru rack, holds all  my kit with lots of air circulation.

rack full view side on

You can see the full set of images on my flicker.

From top to bottom :

  • ISP's modem on the left (vdsl2+ 100/30mbit)  and a Buffalo wifi AP running dd-wrt on the right
  • Cisco 1812 terminating the PPPoE session from the above modem.
  • Cisco 3500XL 48 port switch
  • Sun Sparc Neta X1 running OpenBSD
  • Dual Intel sossaman , socket 479 ,  Supermicro board X6DLP-EG2. Running Gentoo
  • Just a rack shelf :)
  • Custom HP zx2000 Itanium2 workstation. I modded it into a 4ru rack case.  Running OpenVMS,HP-UX and Gentoo
  • Dual Opteron 2214, Supermicro board H8DME-2. Running ESXi 5
  • HP J6750 Dual PA-risk 2.0  750mhz. Running HP-UX and Gentoo.
  • IBM Power 4+ 275 workstation dual core 1.4ghz . Running AIX 5.5 and Gentoo.
  • Next to the IBM is a Dell DDS 4 Tape drive for the HP J6750.

If you want any more info or config info leave me a message..