The Netra T1 has a PSU made by Delta for you that have not looked inside a Delta made PSU, they are made like tanks. Overbuild beyond belief. I guess this is why Sun picked them as there OEM PSU guys.

From external testing I know the fan in the PSU will run at minimum of 5v.  Tested at 7v and there is very little difference in noise levels. why no 6v? Its very easy to get 5v,7v and 12v from any switch mode PSU on pretty much anything that needs a hard disk. You can get 7v via the following method. +5v and +12v rails. If you connect the +5v to the negative on the fan and the +12v to the positive to the fan you will end up with 7v at the fan :)

First thing to do is find the +12v and +5v rails thats pretty easy. We then need to remove the existing fan header and we wire it so that its drawing from the new 7v rail we made.

See the following image, I've already soldered two wires and feed them back though the PCB. I would of liked to place the wire's away from the AC side of the PSU but theres just no room to allow this. PSU 7v mod

  • Green wire is the +5v (new negative)
  • White wire is the +12v(new positive)
new PSU fan connector Above is the image of the new fan header

Stepping back for a moment.. The PSU is a AC mains device.. it will kill you and it won't care.

Do let the PSU discharge for 30+ minutes before opening the lid. Don't be dumb around AC power! If you do not understand the risk and dangers of AC power don't try this.! It may be a very simple mod but its also very easy to accidentally discharge a 400v cap into your self.