Normally on the IBM blade stuff, you can update the F/W via the blade management page. Like I keep saying... the IBM chassis has no control over the QS20. So F/W needs to be updated via Linux.

The latest F/W is QA-06.14.0-0G. It can be found at IBM :- IBM e1350 cluster QS20 node firmware v8.03

Download the file "" to the local blade.

Follow the following steps :-

# unzip
# mkdir /etc/microcode
# cp QA-06.14.0-0G-boot_rom.bin /etc/microcode/
# update_flash -f /etc/microcode/QA-06.14.0-0G-boot_rom.bin

This should return with :-

info: Temporary side will be updated with a newer or
identical image

Projected Flash Update Results:
Current T Image: QA061400D
Current P Image: QA061400D
New T Image:     QA061400G
New P Image:     QA061400D
Flash image ready...rebooting the system...

When the system has rebooted and all is ok, commit the new flash image to the primary flash bank. To commit the primary flash run :

# update_flash -c

This should return :

success: Committed temporary firmware image

Check to see if it's all good via the POST message.

Should look like this :

CellBlade1 starting. Check Boot ROM...OK, FW is [May 30 2007 08:45:30]
Press "s" to enter Open Firmware.

Modules    = Elpida 256MB, 3200 MHz
XDRlibrary = v0.32, Bin A/C, RevB, DualDD
Calibrate  = |
Scrubbing enabled.

Processor  = Cell BE(TM) DD3.1
I/O Bridge = SB 3.2
Timebase   = 14318 kHz (external)
SMP Size   = 2 (4 threads)
Boot-Date  = 2010-05-23 01:58
Memory     = 1024MB (BE0: 512MB, BE1: 512MB)

SLOF Setup = Adapters:
5000 : 1095 680     Sil0680
SLOF Setup = Ready

Build Ref  = QA-06.14.0-0G@release

Welcome to Open Firmware

Licensed Internal Code - Property of IBM
(c) Copyright IBM Corp. 2005, 2006 All Rights Reserved.
Cell BE is a trademark of SONY Computer Entertainment Inc.

Type 'boot'  and press return  to  continue  booting  the system.
Type 'reset-all'  and  press  enter   to   reboot   the   system.


All good.