This was a personal favorite of mine, and was still in weekly use till I decided to give it away. Yes, I gave this away.. It was given to me, its only fair and the guy was very excited to get it.

The E3000 was one of sun's mid range servers based on a backplane style configuration.

Mine had  3x Memory/CPU boards and one I/O board. Originally it only came with one cpu/memory board and one IO board. I brought 6x 336mhx Ultra sparc 2's and 2gb of ram for each board, so a total of 6gb. The I/O board and onboard FA-CL dual loop. I had 3x S-bus cards for it, A TGX video card, a HVD SCSI card and another FA-CL card.

The E3000 has a huge disk drive bay at the front fits 14 SCSI Ultra 2 drives. I had 6. I also had a sun disk array dual FA-CL loop.. more on that later.

I ran this up with Gentoo and Solaris 10. In fact if you have read any of my Solaris articles they were based on this machine.

Heres a link to Oracles document library on the E3000, download it NOW, before oracle kills it... Hears a link to all the options and part numbers

Here is a link to my flicker , detailed pics of the  E3000 Quick shot :- e3000 rear