I've been meaning to do this for a while...

I've got a lot of older hardware. I want to get images of them and details of them before they stop working or parts are hard to find/repair.

I am going to start off with the first computer I personally owned, and I still like it.

It's the Sun Sparc LX. I picked up mine with an external HDD and CD-Rom. Also came with a 21" CRT(1600 x 1280) The LX comes with a 50mhz 32bit Micro Sparc, an on-board CG6 and audio,Ethernet(10baseT),ISDN,AUI.

You can net boot them over AUI or Ethernet 10baseT, they can even run disk-less as a X server. Supports up to 96mb of ram, mine has 64mb.

The LX also supports a "vsimm" its add-on video memory to support higher resolutions, mine came with a 1mb vsimm. The LX also had two Sbus slots running at 25mhz. Included in the top half of the case was a 50pin SCSI HDD and a floppy drive.

Given the age of the LX(Aug 1993) it really did shit all over any of the PC machines of its time. I had mine running Solaris(2.5.1) then later on made the move to NetBSD. Linux was far to immature to run stable on the early sparcs.

You can download a service manual for the Sun Sparc LX Service Manual. You can find images of the whole system on my flicker.

Here is a nice image of it busted open

lx split open