Moving on from the Little Sparc LX is the Sun Sparc 5.

I picked this up in some garage sale the guy had no idea what it was, lucky for me I scored it for around $5. Unfortunately its not even worth that now...

The Sun Sparc 5 (SS5) was cheap budget model compared to to the Sun Sparc 10/20.

The SS5 used the same Pizza box case as the SS10/20 but only had one CPU a Sun Micro-sparc 2 running from 75mhz to 170mhz @ 32bit. Given the SS5 is single CPU it has no M-bus for addition CPU's.

Mine has one 10/100 S-bus Ethernet card as the on-board is only 10mbit. The SS5 also had a SCA 80 back plane that supported two 80pin SCSI drives. You could also fit a slim line SCSI cd/dvd rom (50pin) into the spare slot just above the floppy, but they where very hard to find.

Mine came with a 70mhz Microsparc2 and 224mb of ram, max ram was 256mb.

The SS5  has 3 S-bus slots running @ 25mhz and 32bit wide. It also came with an AFX slot, this was a high speed graphics slot that supported 24bit color frame buffers.

Hears some useful links :

Hears a quick shot of my SS5's motherboard motherboard

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