Ahh, the first of my 64bit sparcs.

Next we have the  Ultrasparc Creator 2 a dual CPU workstation that's still supported by Solaris 10.

The Ultra 2 was one of Suns most popular selling workstations, and you can see why. They are a very nice desktop machine. Supporting up to two Ultra Sparc 2 400mhz 64bit CPU's and up to 2gb of memory.

The Ultra also has 6 , 64bit S-bus slots @25mhz and one UPA slot for graphics running at 100mhz The Ultra also has support for two SCA 80 pin SCSI drives internally. Along with a floppy and a 50pin full high CD/DVD-rom drive.

Mine has two 300mhz UltraSPARC 2 CPU's with 2mb of cache and 640mb of memory. A Sun Creator3D Series 1 (FFB) 24-Bit Color Frame Buffer running at 75mhz with 5mb of video memory for 2D functions max resolution 1920x1080 @ 75hrz.

Some useful links :

Quick image of my Ultra 2 motherb ard with cards

My Flicker